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7 seconds to change your life.

Mensa (lat. desk/table)

MENSA - is new generation of desks with option of desktop hight adjustment to switch between work in sit and stand position. This type of desks is known as Sit-Stand Desks, Hight Adjustable Desks or Stand-Ups.

Our desks are able to transform fast and easy from lower "sit" posture to upper "stand" posture and vice-versa that gives wou an advantage to work in any posture, compared to common computer desks suitable only for sit posture or fixed-type Stand-Ups that can be used only for standing posture.

Due to simple design of air-spring level control system the complete procedure of desktop height adjustment takes less than 7 seconds.

This means that you spend less than 7 seconds of your working hours to change from sitting posture to standing posture. You shall not need any assistance to perfrom the transformations, none of co-workers, friends or relatives need to be disturbed, to hold, lift or pull anything. No need to move anything from your desk or install any superstructure on your desk, no need to unplug and then plug-in any devices on your desktop. All you need is just to push the lever and bring the desktop in the position that fits you the most - without any fuss and waste of time.

Are you sick and tired to spend 8,9.. or 12 hours a day in your office chair? - No problem! Just stand up and lift your workspace along with you. Do you feel tired to stand? - Ok! Lower the desktop and sit down to continue working in your office chair.

What is the purpose to change the posture? On the top of everything, your health is at stake. Sitting in your office chair for hours restricted with a standard size office desk shall defenetely lead to many unpleasant circumstances, and change of posture "at your desk" without work break is the most effective way to make your body work also, with blood circulating better to different parts of your body and your internals being less surpressed when you stand. Standing position is natural for human's body and when you change the posture between sit and stand your body functions in a way it is designed to operate by default. Also even for sit posture you can adjust the level of desktop to the one which suits you most of all.

At first rate our desk are designed for the users who have to spend long time in front of their displays: software developers, designers, CAD engineers, system administrators, etc., those how got stuck to office chair and who have already felt with their own back the "results" of continious sitting, in the meantime our desks shall be a good solution for anyone who is looking for the furniture that can be easily adjusted to the hight that you need.

NB: All models offered at site are our own products developed, tested and fabricated by us or under our control. The design is patented.

The main parts and elements are fabricated within Ukraine therefore our price level is most competative within Ukraine and also can beat most of foreign models of the kind.

We started our project in 2009 году when our first model - Newton 270 was designed and later, in 2010 - fabricated.

Up to day MENSA is the first and the only one Ukrainian project involved in design and fabrication of sit-stand hight adjustable tables. 

For information at our site your can refer to the following sections:

In Standard you can find information about our standard models of desks.

In Custom made you can find information about some unique, custom made models, designed and fabricated to specific requirements of Clients.

Some video related to ergonomics in general and hight adjustable desks in particular as well as our own clips can be viewed in Video.

Our news regarding upcoming models, new design, modifications and other events are published in NEWS.

Most of the models already indicate Price that relates to standard design and color, the price is valid however in case some extras are required or you need additional information regarding delivery period, delivery cost etc you are welcome to use Order Desk.

Some usefull information and answers to your questions can be found in FAQ.

Some of our corporate Clients:


- Anglo-American School of Moscow

- ARKA (Odessa)

- AtomPark Software (Chernihiv)

- Cogniance Inc. (Kiev)

- Design-studio "Bambuk" (Lviv)

- “Evgenios” publishing house (Odessa)

- Grid Dynamics (Kharkov)

- Kuadriga (Kiev)

- Luxoft (Kiev)

- OSCE Ukrainian Office (Kiev)

- Pacific Northwest Software (Dnepropetrovsk)

- SimCorp (Kiev)

- Shakuro (Krasnodar)

- Team International (Kharkov)